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Why sell your bootstrap themes on BootstrapThemes?


The simple answer is because we are the only theme marketplace where developers earn 100% commission on every single sale they make on an exclusive item. Don’t want to sell exclusively on BootstrapThemes? No problem. You will still receive an unrivalled 70% commission on all non-exclusive item sales too. Let’s get started!


Easy to get started

All you need to do is upload your theme along with a screenshot, fill out some basic details and set your price. Once it’s reviewed and approved, your item will appear for sale.

Earn 100% on every sale!

You will receive 100% of every sale for exclusive items sold on this site. If you sell the same content on other marketplaces or on your own site then you’ll still receive 70% of every sale.

Secured Downloads

When someone buys your item they’re sent a special download link that expires after 24 hours. This helps if the download link ends up in a forum. After 24 hours the link expires.


Create your own store

As a seller you’ll have the opportunity to build-up your personal brand and set yourself apart by uploading a header image and filling out the about section on your seller profile.

Meet new customers

Your customers are your own. Purchasing from BootstrapThemes opens a dialog with the seller and you are encouraged to convert your customer into loyal fans.

Unsaturated market

The number of people who want Bootstrap themes is much greater than the number of themes that exist. Seize this opportunity to be the first designers to sell to this new market!